ABOUT Dana Hatchett


A Family of Artists

 My father, Duayne Hatchett, was a recognized painter and sculptor, and my brother David followed in his footsteps without reservation, but initially I resisted a career as an artist. Eventually I realized that art is my true path - I have worked as a professional artist for over thirty years. 

I  received  my  Master  of  Fine  Arts  Degree  in  Painting  from  S.U.N.Y.  at  Buffalo  in  1992, after completing my  Bachelors  of  Fine  Arts  Degree  in  Painting  from  S.U.N.Y.  at  Purchase  in  1980. 


A Working Artist


I taught various art courses at Daemen College and other colleges for over twenty years. My art has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. 

In the beginning of my career I focused on abstract painting. Some of this art is currently on display at the Hotel Henry in Buffalo.

Last year I  focused on drawing the historic Erie Canal, based on images from old photographs. Exhibitions of this art were in various history museums in New York State, including the Buffalo History Museum.  


Then and Now


I find the landscape to be a rich and varied subject matter and have derived visual inspiration for my work with landscapes for decades. While I have created abstract and realistic art through the last thirty years, I always return to the landscape as my favorite theme.

Both realism and abstraction inform my landscape paintings and drawings. Sometimes I follow a more traditional, representative approach in a landscape work, and at other times I employ abstract patterns and compositional structures that are more suggestive of a landscape, therefore open to interpretation. Color is used both in an expressive and in a naturalistic sense in these paintings and drawings.

 Landscapes are my consistent interest.  For me, the landscape is about feelings and sensations. It is extremely personal and poetic.